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Mariposa Dresser 5-Drawer

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This 5-Drawer Dresser adds height to our normal low-to-the-ground sideboard. Add this piece to a bedroom or closet space to organize jewelry, scarves, and fragrances. Your socks will never look as good as they will as you pull them out of this walnut veneer faced self-closing drawers.
Our Mariposa 5-Drawer Dresser features brass butterfly-shaped "Mariposa" drawer pulls and brass Parallel legs. Drawers are highlighted by a smooth white or black lacquer frame. The cabinet is also available in these styles: Hook 5Siena 5Cincinnati 5
Product: Lacquered frame in black or white lacquer, five walnut veneer faced drawers, brass Mariposa handles, Parallel brass legs
Materials: Walnut Veneer, Lacquer, Brass
Dimensions: W24" D21" H47.5"
Weight: 152 lbs