Hook Dresser 5-Drawer


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This five drawer dresser adds height to our normal low-to-the-ground sideboard. Add this piece to a bedroom or closet space to organize jewelry, scarves and fragrances. Your socks will never look as good as they will as you pull them out of these walnut-veneer faced self-closing drawers.

Our Hook 5 Dresser features brass Hook drawer pulls and brass Parallel legs. Drawers are highlighted by a smooth white lacquer frame, The cabinet is also available in these styles: Mariposa 5, Siena 5, Cincinnati 5

Product: Lacquered frame with five walnut veneer faced drawers, brass Hook handles, Parallel brass legs
Materials: Walnut, Brass
Dimensions: W24″ D21″ H47.5″
Weight: 152 lbs




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