Preparing Furniture for Moving May 20, 2020 – Posted in: Blogs

When people move their homes, packing and preparing furniture for the move is one of the most nerve-racking parts of the process. Furniture is hard to deal with and is harder to replace, particularly from a financial perspective. When people invest in high quality Mid Century Modern furniture and Danish furniture, they expect it to last beyond their lease. Breaking a normal item during a move wouldn’t be a major monetary burden, but the cost of replacing furniture broken in the moving process is much more painful. Proper protection and preparation of furniture pieces is the best way to ensure an expensive mistake doesn’t happen on moving day. At Oz Moving, our movers use various supplies, tools, and techniques to prepare furniture items for moving.  

Empty the Furniture

First thing’s first. Empty out all pieces of furniture before preparing them for their journey. These pieces are already really heavy when they’re completely barren, so adding additional weight can make them difficult to move. But most importantly, items inside furniture pieces can shift during the moving process, causing damage to both the items and the furniture pieces. These items need to be packed separately. Make sure to label the box where the items from the furniture piece with the furniture piece’s name.


Some furniture pieces will require disassembly prior to being moved. This won’t be necessary for most furniture pieces, but others like L-shaped sofas or entertainment centers will require some breakdown in order to fit through the clearances utilized in the moving process. In order to save time and money on moving day, try to break down your largest furniture items into smaller, more manageable pieces. There’s no need to go back to square one here, though; disassembly should make the moving process easier, not harder. Measure a piece of furniture if you’re not sure if it needs to be disassembled; if its dimensions make it clear it won’t fit through the door or in the elevator, it should be disassembled.

Using Moving Blankets and Tape

Furniture is too large to be packed inside of a box. Moving companies have to take a totally different approach to packing bulky, unwieldy sofas, chairs, and tables. Moving blankets are the best way to insulate and protect furniture in the same way a box protects normal, smaller items. To use a moving blanket on furniture, wrap the entire piece of furniture in blankets, and then tape the full length of the blanket to hold it down kind of like a belt would. The tape should help the blankets stay in place and on top of the furniture. 

Custom built boxes / cardboard crating

For an added layer of protection, oftentimes a moving company will construct a Frankenstein of cardboard to build a makeshift box to cover the furniture item with corrugated moving box material. This is an option to prepare more pricey pieces, pieces it pays to provide extra protection for. Make sure to measure the furniture piece prior to order to understand how big the box should be before constructing it. 

Wooden crating

When it comes to moving the most valuable furniture you own, whether it’s designer, antique or valuable for some other reason, using custom crating is an excellent way to prevent damage or other unwanted changes to its condition. Crating is the process of custom-building wooden containers to store and move especially valuable items, particularly antique and rare furniture. For the few that have a piece of furniture which would make sense to be crated, most reputable moving companies can provide crating services. An on-site quote evaluation is best, so the moving company can gather appropriate measurements to use when preparing the box.