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From humble beginnings buying and reselling vintage Danish furniture to designing and manufacturing their own line, the founders of Organic Modernism have aimed to bring fine furniture design to the average home since the early 2000's.


Organic Modernism was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2007 by Karazona and Veerle Cinar. Karazona had taken an interest in furniture design originally restoring vintage furniture he found on the side of the road or in thrift stores, and reselling it. During this time, he began noticing unique design features prominent in mid century pieces.

This new found passion for Cinar, and the realization that there was a market for such design, led him to begin buying and reselling this same vintage modern aesthetic. Eventually, the two would begin making regular trips to Denmark to purchase container loads of vintage goods, and importing them to the U.S. to resell.


Karazona made his first prototype in 2001 for his own product. A mid-century modern cabinet with a walnut front and brass hardware he sourced from a vintage piece. This sparked the realization he wouldn't need to rely on vintage goods to serve his customers, and he could create a line that blended this fine taste and functionality with a more modern appeal. 

The pair opened their first Organic Modernism store in Brooklyn, New York in 2009 and rolled out their entire line of mid-century modern inspired goods to the public.


Many masters of modernism believed that working people around the world should be able to afford and enjoy an aesthetic quality in their everyday lives. The great Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer once said that nothing is a design until ordinary people use it. We share that same vision about design.  

We founded Organic Modernism with a mission to bring fine home furnishings at an affordable cost to the houses and offices of all.

Karazona & Veerle Cinar
Founders of Organic Modernism


Today, Organic Modernism is sold in stores around the world, including our own flagship stores in New York as well as Hong Kong. Sparked by one original mission statement of creating affordable product with design in mind, Organic Modernism has proudly helped in adding timeless design to the homes of thousandsFind a Retailer >>


"I absolutely LOVE my Sultan Credenza!!! It is the shining star of of my living room, and the perfect accent piece! Love the unique, eye catching design and the quality is excellent!The customer service at Organic Modernism is top notch, they are quick to respond, happy to help with custom orders/special requests and super fast shipping! The white glove delivery was very much appreciated too. Thank you Organic Modernism for a beautiful product, I'll be back! :)"

Sheri R.

"Love these Mardin Dining Chairs! The beautiful black American walnut frame and beech back rest go wonderfully with the leather seat. So comfortable and light weight too!"

Bianca K.

"We found these chairs at Organic Modernism to be the perfect fit for our eclectic home. The walnut and beechwood tied our various wood colors in our home together well while the black leather seats matched our living room sofa. We love these!"

Brian P.

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