Liven up Your Home with Colorful Kitchen Cabinets May 20, 2020 – Posted in: Blogs

If you are looking for a way to personalize a home you are decorating, you may want to start in the kitchen. Colorful kitchen cabinets can be a way of livening up a room that might otherwise end up looking drab and utilitarian. If you are thinking of utilizing this fabulous new trend in interior design, there are a few things to take into consideration when you choose the colors you are going to use. Remember to consider the overall color scheme of the home, the taste of the person who will live in the home and the furniture used in the kitchen.

Making Sure Your Cabinets Don’t Clash

When you are picking out a kitchen cabinet color scheme, you probably will not want to select something drastically different from the rest of the home. If the whole house is decorated with Scandinavian furniture, you will not want to shock visitors with bold primary colors in the kitchen. However, you may want to add an understated splash of color to the room. A soft cream and gray combination may work or a pairing of grey and light blue may give the kitchen a soft and stylish personal touch.

If the colors in the rest of the home are a bit bolder, you may want to liven things up with a contemporary blue and yellow combination. The vivid colors make for a nice place to get your blood pumping and eat breakfast in the morning. Blue and grey is a great combination for those who are looking for their kitchen to have a tranquil feeling. 

Consider the Homeowners Tastes

Is the homeowner into hanging copper cookware, or do they store their aluminum pots in cabinets? Do they have jars full of cookies and candies decorating the counters, or do they keep the sugar on the down-low. Are cookbooks and wine bottles strategically strewn about, or is there nothing but plates and a drawer full of delivery menus? It is very important to consider the homeowners style when picking out cabinet colors.

If the owner is going for a traditional homey look, you can try a mixture of light yellow and lime. If the style of the home is kitschy and contemporary, you may want to try a combination of grey and orange with wood counter tops. If you are going for a sophisticated feel, you can try a combination of soft grays and blues.

What Kind of Kitchen Furniture does the Homeowner Have?

If the homeowner already has kitchen furniture or has some picked out, you will want to have a look at it before choosing cabinet colors. If they have a simple round fiberglass table, you are in luck, because it will be easy enough to go with just about any color scheme. If there is a light colored wood dining table in the kitchen, you will want to use bold colors for the cabinets and if you have a dark colored wood table, you may want to use a lighter color for the cabinets. 

Colorful cabinets can brighten a home and put a homeowners own signature on their digs. The kitchen is where families gather to eat, cook and talk to each other. It is a popular room with anyone who likes eating, and probably the room that needs the most attention in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Your cabinet colors can last a long time with a good quality paint and the right care. Make sure to select colors that are both complementary and reflective of personal style.