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We asked the talented Aimee Wilder to discuss her inspiration, next moves, and her big break into designing her fashion forward textiles.

Name: Aimee Wilder
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Profession: Multi-Disciplinary Artist and CEO, Creative Director and Founder of Aimee Wilder
Links: @aimeewilder,

How did you get into designing wallpaper and textiles?
I was born and raised in New York and spent a lot time in the fashion showrooms where my parents worked. I discovered my love for creating artwork through exploring the designs there, and followed that passion when attending The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. After I graduated, I worked as a freelance designer and grew my body of work, which eventually led to positions at DwellStudio, Martha Stewart Living, and The Gap. In 2008, Vans featured three of my patterns on 30 styles of shoes and fashion accessories, and I felt that following this first fashion-licensing contract, it was the ideal time to launch my own namesake brand. My first collection debuted at New York’s ICFF in 2009.

“My designs are eclectic, playful, and adventurous. Whether complex or simple, I think my signature shines through every pattern we release.”

Where do you take your design inspiration from? Any specific Instagram accounts or blogs you ‘stalk’ for ideas?
I find inspiration in pretty much everything: from travelling to exotic destinations, to object collecting, creating conceptual narratives, visiting design libraries, and social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, the world around me influences how I design. An example of an artist I follow is Mr. Babies. He uses psychedelic and op-art elements in his work, which I incorporate in my own designs. My designs are eclectic, playful, and adventurous. Whether complex or simple, I think my signature shines through every pattern we release.

How do you pick out the perfect wallpaper for a room? Do you start with a piece of furniture or a theme?
I usually start by centering it around one of my rugs or a piece of furniture I have on hand. For room inspiration, I’m constantly saving images from Pinterest, Instagram, the internet, magazine clippings to file folders, and taking pictures of people, places, objects, and scenery while traveling. Sometimes I collage as well around a central color scheme to organize my thoughts and ideas for certain rooms and designs.

Any tips for selecting a bold pattern for someone more used to muted pallets?
If the pattern is bold or graphic, get it in a muted colorway. All of our designs have a more tonal version or can even be made in custom colors.

Do you have any interior design recommendations for the ones inspired by your feed and style? Any design hacks?
Get rid of stuff! Keep getting rid of stuff. Revamp everything over and over until it’s perfect. Also, a great rug makes a room.

You are a true Organic Modernism friend and collaborator! How does Organic Modernism furniture complement Aimee Wilder designs?
It’s always great to use your pieces in our photo-shoots! The organic feel of the furniture integrates well with our wallpaper and fabric designs. I love the Palm Springs Coffee Table, which I would style with a punchier pattern because of its elegant simplicity. The Hanna 3 Credenza is flexible enough to use in any room, and has shallow drawers for socks, place-mats or silverware. The Aksel Dining Chair is the perfect complement to Cheetah Vision’s swirling pattern paired with greenery.

What’s the next big move for you?
I am currently working on a new collection about the sun and moon that includes a new rug and commercial grade woven fabric, as well as adding photo murals to my line of products. I would also love to expand my brand into a lifestyle, and have endless ideas for future growth such as furniture design, bedding, fashion, and more.

Stay tuned!

We’re completely obsessed with your wallpaper and are certain our followers will be too. Where can our followers find your product?
My wallpapers, fabrics, rugs, and accessories can be found on my website,

About Aimee Wilder

Born and raised in New York, designer Aimée Wilder had an early exposure to fashion trends and textiles from her parents, which developed the foundation for her diverse interest in art and design. After her graduation from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2001, she began developing a body of fine-art illustrations that led to positions as a designer for several well-known firms, including Dwell Studio, Martha Stewart Living, and The Gap. In 2008, Vans took notice of her bold designs and playful aesthetic, and featured three of her patterns on 30 styles of shoes and fashion accessories, bringing Wilder to a global audience.

After signing her first fashion-licensing contract with Vans,Wilder honed in on her long term interest in designing home decor, which motivated her to create her own eponymous brand.In 2009, she debuted her wallpaper designs under the Aimée Wilder label at New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair.