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Ballerina Walnut Dining Table

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The Ballerina Dining Table takes its name for its elegant form, reminiscent to that of a ballerina’s graceful poses. The mid-century modern era piece takes the standard shape of a dining table and transforms it with its outward curving milled legs and the unexpected curves around the tabletop’s edges. This dining table is made from the highest quality solid American walnut, so it is strong and resistant like a ballerina dancer. The Ballerina is one of the most wonderful pieces in our Dining Table Collection and would bring together your dining room with a look of grace and sophistication.

  • Made of FSC-Certified Solid American Walnut.
  • One of the most wonderful piece in our Dining Table Collection.
  • Trade Benefits Available.


  • 70x33x29 in (Overall)
  • 102 lbs (Overall)



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