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Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends

Interior design is perhaps one of the most diverse and ever-changing art forms. Although every designer has their own unique style, there are certain trends in Interior design that tend to emerge in the industry every year. 2019 has proven to be a year filled with color, retro design and eclectic combinations. There are a few trends that have emerged this year that are certain to please any designers most persnickety clients. 

Mix and Match Furniture

Combining different furniture styles and pieces from different periods has long been a practice and trends in interior design. If you don’t do a bit of mixing and matching, you run the risk of having a room that looks like it came right off the showroom floor, even if you use top quality furniture. However, if you don’t know what you are doing, combining styles can make a room look like a poorly organized thrift store.

The secret to good furniture and decor combining is to match major furniture pieces such as a sofa and a love seat and add small pieces of furniture and accents from other designers. Creating layers can give a room a unique and individualistic look and feel.  If you start with a contemporary sofa as a center piece, try accentuating it with a lacy throw from the 1800's or set a vase from the 40's at its side. 

Eclectic, Playful & Adventurous: the Designs of Aimee Wilder(Opens in a new browser tab)

Family heirlooms can also help to personalize someone’s space. When mixing furniture, it is a good idea to limit your color palette, so the room does not look too busy. A sharp single tone piece of furniture (like our black Branch Dining Table below) can look great against a white background or muted pallet. You should also balance the scale of the furniture in the room as lighter objects tend to look good when they sit on top of or beside heavier pieces of furniture. 

Branch Brass Dining Table

Colorful Wallpaper

Once limited to rose and sailboat patterns, now wallpaper has emerged as an art form trend in interior design. An accent wall with boldly colored wallpaper can make a room look bigger and make it come alive. Wallpaper that is subtly textured can make the colors and furniture around it pop out more.

Cool Indie Artwork 

Nothing can start a conversation like an interesting piece of artwork. This is especially true if you put a piece of contemporary art in a room that contains traditional or classical furniture. If you select your artwork carefully, it will be eye catching but not overwhelming. 

Performance Fabric

It never hurts to be a bit practical. Performance fabrics are making a comeback and they are great to have if you have children, pets or even an unsteady hand. Fabrics like nylon and acrylic may seem old school, but they clean up easily and are very durable. If you feel such things are an eye sore, select a subtle color and accent the piece with a few pillows or a satin throw.

Retro Lamps

Whether you select a modern lamp with a retro look, or peruse the antiques stores for that perfect Hammond green desk lamp or Tiffany style lamp, some old-time lighting can add a bit of fun to any room. Be sure not to overdo it, one retro lamp in a room is plenty.

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Scandinavian minimalist design has been popular trends among interior designers for several years and the manufactures have done a good job of convincing the public that anything less subtle is bourgeoisie. However, Maximum-ism is making a return to the interior design scene in the United States. Large pieces of wood furniture and unusual accents and artwork are making a comeback. Primary colors are also on their way back in and they can be a great way to brighten a bedroom or a bathroom.

No matter what trends you may choose for you desgn interior to follow or ignore, it is important to select quality furniture that is thoughtfully and artistically designed. If you do your homework, you will find that you do not have to pay a lot for quality. There are designers out there who have top quality, reasonably priced furniture. Any home should be the place where a person feels the most comfortable and their friends get to know them better. Tasteful designs and lots of personality will always be trending.