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To All Who Need the Motivation to Organize their Chaos

To All Who Need the Motivation to Organize their Chaos

Organic Modernism was built in New York, so we know the kind of chaos that comes with living in this great city. One-third of all New Yorkers weren't born here. They are incredible people who left a home country or city and came all the way here, looking for something new, which suggests that the population of New York is a very ambitious one. It is a part of basic human genetics to want to stay in comfort and be afraid of new environments. But in New York, many forgo even the basic comforts. Amenities that seem normal in other cities only the upper-class can afford. 

Studies prove that people in big cities face a higher risk of mental problems. Because many simply can't cope with the cities rhythms. Even true New Yorkers who successfully adapt to the high-frequency lifestyle forget the way our bodies and minds experience stress. It can be unrecognizable until we hit rock bottom.

One piece of advice that psychologists suggest is to clean and beautify your room or home One simple step creates a positive domino effect and slowly brings your mental health and life together. Similarly to taking supplements and vitamins with your food to maintain a healthy body, clean and organized space helps to create a peaceful mind. The advice is simple: leave the chaos outside.

New Yorkers and their chaos

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Many young New Yorkers move out from their parents' homes at an early age and live in freedom from rules. Often, once young adults are given this freedom they don't care about following the past rules or creating their own. All they want is chaos. Sometimes that chaos follows into adult life and leads to unorganized and messy homes. But psychologically it can be difficult to sleep in an organized home, you can't cook and thus rely on takeout and fast food, you can't work and study, and you subconsciously avoid spending time in that home.

We love to think that messy means genius. Living by the following quote from Laurence J. Peter: “If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?”

I used to have arguments with my mother about her obsession with cleaning and organizing every single spice and rice type. To what she used to say "You'll get your own space, and then you'll realize the value of cleaning". I never believed her, until I moved out. You have a limited amount of decisions your brain is capable of making every day. Following simple habits to stay organized, can help with taking a break from the chaos outside.

Here is another piece of wisdom from my mother: “Clean" isn't where they pick litter up, but where they DON'T litter in the first place." We can probably all use this wisdom today.

KonMari Space 

Mari Kondo promises: “If you are ready for big changes, the result of cleaning will be a real miracle.” Japanese Marie Kondo is the author of the sensational method of organizing the KonMari space, designed to put in order not only the house but also your thoughts.

“When you put things in order in the house, you also put things in order in your life and even in your past,” describes Marie Kondo.

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The KonMari method, in her words, is simple: when deciding what to leave, what to throw away, you need to ask yourself whether it sparks joy. If the answer is no, then feel free to throw it away. Everything else needs to be rolled up into tubes and carefully folded into boxes.

Too many things randomly scattered around your house worsen concentration and negatively affect your productivity level. The mess in the house gradually draws your attention from other more important tasks. That is why it is very difficult to work in a mess, maintain positive relationships with other people, and concentrate on your plans and desires.
Organizing living space is only one part of a solution. After you get used to a habit of maintaining clean and organized space. You'll move on and will start to evaluate not only household items, but also your work, relationships, and future directions. 

The power of beautiful interior

Another question is… Why successful people have beautiful apartments? Is it because they simply can? Or is there something else in the equation that we are missing?  No wonder they say that beauty is a powerful force that is not determined by the size of your wallet or apartment. Let’s compare two apartments; One belongs to President Donald Trump and another one is less than 50 square meters and belongs to a talented Melbourne based architect Ben Edwards.

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If a person manages to transform their house the way they want, then they become confident that, on an external level, the changes planned by them will happen the way they want. And there comes a certain inner satisfaction, tranquility, and joy from what has been achieved.

We often forget about the great importance of homes in our lives, where we spend the majority of our time. However, many don't spend time decorating or renovating their spaces and never take furniture and accessorize seriously. They buy a lamp that simply does the job, that also breaks in a few years and never sparks joy.

To create an aesthetic, beautiful interior you don't need money. Beauty is neither luxury nor splendor. You need to have a taste. And learn how to to create beauty.

Beauty is not only cleanliness and order, but the consonance of everything in a house. Beauty requires patience. As Socrates said: "The beautiful is difficult." Therefore, we must work hard. Rearrangement of furniture, regulation of lighting, placement of living plants, etc. - start with the simplest. Make it yours. You will be amazed by how productive and happy you'll become by living in an organized and beautiful interior. 

We can learn to throw out from our lives everything that does not spark joy, everything that we keep for wrong reasons or the sake of sentimental memories. We do sometimes want to change our lives, and we regret that there is not enough money, helpers, inspiration. But everything is in our power. Therefore, let's start throwing trash out of our lives. For the sake of better fate for ourselves and loved ones.

As soon as you feel how pleasant it is to live in an organized space, you will not only stop making a mess again but also notice that healthy habits follow you along into other life aspects.