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Interior Design Inspiration

Interior Design Inspiration

Functional, Comfortable Interiors by Regina Mariano

We asked Interior Designer Regina Mariano to share path into Interior Design in function and comfort, and allow us a peek into some of her favorite projects.

Name:  Regina Mariano 
Location:  New York City and East Hampton
Profession: Interior Designer
Social Media Handles: @cherishandbestow

How would you describe your design style?

I have an eclectic approach to design, functional and comfortable interior, yet interesting spaces by mixing modern lines with natural materials as well as classic and vintage pieces. My design style has evolved over time and in order to accommodate each clients needs at times can be more traditional and at times much more modern, but with a touch of bohemian. 

What drew you to interior design? How did you take the first step into it?

I have always been interested in interiors and design generally.  In college I briefly studied architecture and began designing custom furniture immediately after graduation. Eventually I landed in a career in fashion PR.  In early 2009, I purchased and gutted a 2300sq ft condominium and that was in effect my first project. I learned so much during that 18-month renovation that I would often pass on what I had learned to friends and family who were doing their own projects. My biggest opportunity came when a friend was asked if I would be interested in designing a pop-up shop in three side by side penthouse apartments for a developer where she was supplying the art work. It was then that I realized that I could make this a career and founded Regina Mariano Design.  

teardrop 4a credenza cabinet
Teardrop 4a Credenza Cabitnet (or Cincinnati 4a) - Organic Modernism - in project by Regina Mariano
Kurf Bar Stool - Organic Modernism - in project by Regina Mariano

Can you tell us what types of projects you find yourself designing for? Who is your customer?

I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work on a variety of project types; from designing a pop-up shop, to remodels, to a custom residential home builds, to staging model apartments. My clients’ tastes are diverse and while they usually have some sort of a vision of what they want, they usually don’t know how to get there.  My job is to deliver a design that incorporates that vision with my design aesthetic. 

We noticed a few of our products pop up in some of your honestly, stunning projects. Are there furniture pieces you use over and over again, ours or others?

I use Organic Modernism pieces in almost every project, especially the credenzas. They are chic and versatile. I find they work with traditional pieces, modern pieces and can be incorporated into just about any room.  They have a modern yet rustic look and exude a craftsmanship that draws the eye. 

Miami 3 Credenza in project by Regina Mariano

Where do you take your design inspiration from? Any specific Instagram accounts or blogs you ‘stalk’ for ideas? 
For me, design inspiration comes from everyday life - traveling, nature, art, fashion and of course social media – specifically Pinterest and IG. It’s also important to keep up with what’s happening in the industry.  I am constantly going to trades shows, galleries and boutiques. And yes, I am always looking at other designs and designers for inspiration. Some of my favorite IG accounts at the moment are: @cortneybishopdesign @ashe_leandro @changoandco @alexandraposterbennaim @bhdmdesign @kellywearstler @sarahshermansamuel @eyeswoon and @amberinteriors

Any interior design trends you’re obsessing over right now? Anything you despise?

I am loving the use of more colorful surfaces such as pink marble and the resurgence of terrazzo.  I still love mixed metals. Also - curvy sofas and wallpaper. I don’t favor decorating in one style – embracing variety makes for a much more interesting and layered space. And I am over Shibori – very beautiful, but I have seen enough of it for a while. 

Mango Coffee Table by Organic Modernism - in project by Regina Mariano

Houston Coffee Table by Organic Modernism - in project by Regina Mariano

Give us your elevator pitch about you. 

I love what I do and so often my business does not feel at all like a job.  In that way I am extremely fortunate. The more freedom I have to explore different designs and combinations of colors, patterns and textures the happier I am.  In addition to my business I am always working on a personal project. Sometimes that’s redesigning a room in my own home and sometimes it’s looking for an investment property to renovate.  The busier I am the more I learn and the more creative I can be. Instagram is also a great outlet for me. My @cherishandbestow account is not wholly focused on my business, it’s more of a lifestyle blog that incorporates design with a view into my everyday life, with a focus on travel, art, entertaining, style and of course my dogs.  

Where can our readers go to learn more about your services? 

Anything else you’d like us to share? 

I love a high low approach to design. I believe in investing in quality pieces that you can design around using less expensive pieces. Organic Modernism has some very interesting high quality pieces that can serve as a focal point for a space. I also love that most of the pieces are in stock and readily available – there is no 3-4 month wait.  This is especially important for staging projects, but also for clients who just need furniture right away.

Teardrop 4a (2-Door 4-drawer) Credenza by Organic Modernism

Regina Mariano Design: Regina Mariano

Regina Mariano Design (RMD) specializes in combining an eclectic mix of modern and organic elements to create relaxed spaces that fit each clients' needs.  A true believer that a home should be both stylish and comfortable, Regina founded RMD with a rustic and refined design aesthetic that mixes reclaimed materials with elegance, sophistication and contemporary lines. 
Regina, began her career in Los Angeles designing custom furniture for celebrity clientele. She then worked for many years in fashion PR prior to launching RMD and returning to her true passion, interior design.  Regina loves photography, art and travel and finds inspiration in details around the world.
With a focus on residential properties, Regina has worked on luxury homes and high end condominiums in Manhattan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, the Hamptons, Chicago and Los Angeles.  RMD offers everything from full scale remodels to simple interior styling and staging services. Contact RMD for a consultation to design, furnish, or consult on your project.