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5 Tips for a Timeless Interior Design

5 Tips for a Timeless Interior Design

We're launching a new series of experts advice for interior design newcomers. Join us as we share 5 tips and how-to's for a timeless interior design as part of our regular weekly content.

Buying furniture and home decor items can be an investment of both your energy and money. The furniture you buy today may be in your home for decades. So how do you avoid buying trends that are going to look outdated one day?

In the era of fast fashion and IKEA furniture, we tend to over-consume goods by buying on discounts following impulsive desires to simply buy for the sake of buying. Blame it on capitalism if you may, but  It's a major problem America faces today. However, we are not here to shame anybody for impulse shopping, we all do it. We just want to help you to fall in love with lasting and iconic pieces for your home.

So how can you create a timeless interior design, that you will continue to enjoy seeing and using in your day to day life? That IKEA credenza can look good in your 20's. But it won't likely be a piece you'll enjoy in your more sophisticated 30's. Follow our guide below to learn how.

#1 Room Plan

A carefully thought-out room plan is the first fundamental step you absolutely need to take before you start anything else. A well-planned layout makes functional each square foot, and can visually add extra space.

By observing your space’s height and dimensions as well as taking into consideration your lifestyle, daily activities, habits and aesthetic – you'll create an interior design that is not only beautiful but also functional.

#2 Focal Point

What is it about a room that you notice when you first enter it? Is it a fireplace, unique statue or abstract painting? Sometimes, at first sight, a room looks shabby and old, and it seems to require a lot of time to modernize it. Instead of redoing everything, you can bring attention to one focal point.

TV 3-DRAWER MEDIA CONSOLE - Organic Modernism

You lose potential by not arranging prominent items in a room. A great focal point instantly transforms any space and makes it stunning. Basically, a focal point brings interest to a space and helps to create an illusion of an overall unique and beautiful interior. 

A work of art or a large mirror over the fireplace becomes the composition center, so any, even a heavily battered fireplace lining, will seem not as bad as it was at the first sight.

#3 Fashion Changes But Style Endures

A little black dress by Coco Chanel for instance, is an iconic dress that every woman has in her wardrobe. Birkin bag, Burberry trench coat, Cartier Love bracelet  – are all iconic examples that will never go out of fashion and will continue to hold value as time goes by. Furniture isn't that different. Icons of furniture in interior design are almost embedded in history and are equally timeless. Incredible and talented designers have already created furniture designs that are so iconic, that some of them became a status symbol. You can change wall colors, buy a new cushion, but that iconic sofa will always be relevant.

Kurf Walnut Wood Stool - Organic Modernism

All said, it is not necessary to buy very expensive furniture by famous designers. You can always find more affordable alternatives. We've talked earlier about it here.

#4 Natural colors

Forest 2 Credenza  -  Cabinets
Forest 2-door Credenza - Organic Modernism

Surfaces such as ceilings, walls, floors require a very deliberate approach. If you have a large home, then perhaps there is a place for experimenting with volumes and shapes, but in a small apartment, there is certainly no luxury to refine the volumes.

Natural and neutral colors seem to never go out of fashion. Wood, marble, and the more than 500 shades of white may never become obsolete. Light walls expand boundaries and create a feeling of spaciousness. Moreover, with neutral walls, you can experiment with accents and bright colors in interior decor, which can safely replace them if necessary.


Bamboo 2 Credenza  -  Cabinets
Bamboo 2-Door Credenza - Organic Modernism

May of us live in skyscrapers and cements jungles. However, by choosing colors that can be found in nature, you will be able to bring a piece of paradise to your home and enhance the atmosphere of nature.

In a place like New York it's always nice to add flowers and plants to the interior. For example, a simple fig plant can instantly transform a room or you can install stabilized moss, for example. Green corners in the house will help you to relax and rest after long days at work. 

Dark colors

Aventura Coffee Table - Organic Modernism

If you love dark colors, then it is better to choose solid deep colors. For example, cherry, dark blue or dark grey. These prominent dark shades can be easily combined with basic colors: beige, white, and black.

Each year magazines publish a "color of the year", but it doesn't mean that you have to run to the stores each year and follow the trend. Create a timeless interior design, instead.

Pro tip: if you can't commit to one color palette only, then those trendy colors can be accentuated in decor accessories that are easily replaceable.

#5 No mess. No stress.

It's the age of technology and we have a huge amount of information flow. During the day, we have to cope with a lot of tasks, advertising banners, social networks, and the noise doesn't bypass us. In order to get a break from the chaos, it's nice to create a calm and cozy atmosphere at home where you can relax from all this daily fuss.

Space, conciseness, lightness - these are things that a modern person aspires to. The presence of each item must be justified. It is important that all furniture and decor items spark joy!


Now that you are familiar with the main principles of timeless design of interior, we strongly encourage you to follow your own vision and aesthetic. Buy furniture that you are going to enjoy using every single day, possibly for decades. Just remember, that by following our simple 5 tips, you can create an interior design that will be relevant at all times.

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